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The Play By Email/Forum Football Management game, you are the boss and make decisions to make your club the best in Europe. Can your build the best club, dominate Europe? Are you the next Mourinho, Guardiola, Ferguson?
Checkout the forum, clubs and contact the EFA to apply to manage a club. Good luck!!

Matchdays are processed every Sunday and Wednesday with teamsheet deadline 10pm UK time.

NEXT MATCH DAY: Wednesday 21st Feburary 2017 10pm Deadline - All Leagues Matchday 4. !!

EFA Cup Round completed, Club Pages updated. .

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Matchday » Pre Match Matchday 4 » Yesterday 6:53 PM

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FC_Barcelona - Paris_st_Germain

may switch to 433 and play all the big guns, 

tough game, 

Matchday » Pre Match Matchday 4 » Yesterday 5:32 PM

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Manchester United - FC Porto

Switching to a 3-3-1-3 formation so lining up with Rashford, Lukaku and Alexis in attack, Pogba dropped from midfield. Defense unchanged looking for the home win.

Matchday » Pre Match Matchday 4 » Yesterday 2:50 PM

Chelsea - Borussia Dortmund

My first game in charge, not sure what to expect from my team, will lineup with a 4-1-3-2 formation like to play with a DM in front of the back four.  Barkley will sit as the holding DM.
We need more strikers, only got two so both Morata and Batshuayi have to play.

Real Life Football » Champions League » Yesterday 1:59 PM

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Plenty goals last night, good 1-1 draw Chelsea and Barcelona with Chelsea all the hardwork to do.
Bayern Munich thumped Besiktas, thought that would have been closer game, tonight big game Sevilla v Man Utd.
Hope United get tactics right and Mourinho pumps up the players, Shaktar and Roma bit of boring game to be honest.

Transfer Room » Transfer Confirmation » Yesterday 1:55 PM

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Marco_Silva wrote:

bay <> rmy

Bayern Munich
- Javi Martinez
- Thiago
+ 28 million
+ Toni Kroos

Real Madrid
+ Javi Martinez
+ Thiago
- 28 million
- Toni Kroos

Deal agreed by Real Madrid, good business Azboy.

Bayern agree deal, thanks Marco.

Administration » New Managers » Yesterday 1:54 PM

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Great to have you in the game Chelsea Blues (John) good luck with Chelsea.

Stadium Requests » Bayern Munich Requests » Yesterday 1:53 PM

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Bayern Munich would like to build Level 2 Gymnasium at cost £2 million

Matchday » Pre Match Matchday 4 » Yesterday 1:52 PM

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Ajax - Bayern Munich

Could be a tough away trip to Ajax.
Have to rotate defense, so Friedal comes into defense, K Coman is a changer in midfield and midfielder S Rudy comes onto the bench.
Will probably play on the counter attack and soak up their pressure and hopefully hit them for a couple of goals.

Matchday » Pre Match Matchday 4 » Yesterday 1:31 PM

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FC Basle - Real Madrid

Looking for 4 wins from 4 matches, J Vallejo comes into defense, Kroos plays his last game for us before joining Borussia Dortmund.  Casemiro comes onto the bench, these are the only changes and will stick with the 4-3-3 formation.

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