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4/01/2018 10:12 PM  #11

Re: Premier League Fixtures

My My....
Chelsea looked poor today, Tottenham second half played really well with Min, Alli and Eriksen working well.
First Spurs win at stamford bridge in 28 years, and Chelsea no way of making Champions League now, got be time for Conte to sort out his team and formation.

Job: E.F.A Admin (Azboy)
Head Coach: Tottenham Hotspur
Previous Club: SL Benfica, Juventus

4/07/2018 2:02 PM  #12

Re: Premier League Fixtures

Massive Manchester derby today, really hope United win and make City wait another week, Liverpool showed the way to do it.

Relegation big game today Huddersfield Town v Brighton, losers most definate to go down with the run ins they have to play.  

Marco Silva
Club: Manchester United
Honors: 1 League Title

4/08/2018 1:27 PM  #13

Re: Premier League Fixtures

Love it seeing Man City lose two games in a week, well played Mourinho and Man Utd.
There first half was bloody awful, but Pogba finally stepped up in the 2nd half and Smalling took his goal well.
Make City wait another week.....ha ha ha

Antonio Conte
Head Coach:  Olympique Marseille
Previous Clubs:  Nottingham Forest, Chelsea FC

4/16/2018 1:22 PM  #14

Re: Premier League Fixtures

We all knew it was time, Man City Premier League champions shame really...
Not sure what going on with United? Too many overpaid players who dont care about the club, if I were Mourinho would really shake up team offload most of them and bring in quality.

Liverpool I fancy for next season if they can be more consistent been playing well of late and proved Man City can be exploited.

Tottenham were very poor against Man City, they need investing in players.

Chelsea think they have fallen away and new manager if they are to be a threat again.

Team of the season has be Burnley and Sean Dyche, difficult to beat and never give up. Maybe some of the big clubs could learn a thing or two...

Manager: ithompson
Clubs: Everton, Olympique Marseille

4/18/2018 6:31 PM  #15

Re: Premier League Fixtures

Well Tottenham did not look very impressive last night, Chelsea still in with chance to catch them.

Bournemouth v Man Utd tonight, can Mourinho get it right this time after poor match against West Brom.

Marco Silva
Club: Manchester United
Honors: 1 League Title

5/09/2018 7:47 PM  #16

Re: Premier League Fixtures

West Brom and Stoke City (big surprise) relegated who takes the last place?
Thought Southampton were doomed, but look like staying up, hope Huddersfield Town stay up.

Head Coach
Club:  Inter Milan Previous Clubs: Red Bull Leipzig

5/13/2018 12:41 PM  #17

Re: Premier League Fixtures

Last day of Premier League, Swansea City going down?

Its been a good season with surprises, like Stoke City going down never saw that coming.....
Thought Palace would go down but Hodgson did a great job...

Head Coach
Club:  Inter Milan Previous Clubs: Red Bull Leipzig

5/13/2018 12:45 PM  #18

Re: Premier League Fixtures

Just hope Liverpool unleash the front 3 and finally confirm the final place and Salah to break the overall record

Man City manager season 2
PSG manager season 1

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