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The Play By Email/Forum Football Management game, you are the boss and make decisions to make your club the best in Europe. Can your build the best club, dominate Europe? Are you the next Mourinho, Guardiola, Ferguson?
Checkout the forum, clubs and contact the EFA to apply to manage a club. Good luck!!

Matchdays are processed every Sunday and Wednesday with teamsheet deadline 10pm UK time.

NEXT MATCH DAY: Sunday 18th March 2017 10pm Deadline - E.F.A Cup Quarter Finals. !!

Were looking for new managers to join the game, special incentive pack for new managers joining the game, bonus cash, bonus players and bonus youth players!!. Come and join now!! .

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3/01/2018 12:48 PM  #1

Post Match Reporting 2nd Round

Manager: Mikey
Club: Manchester United     Previous Clubs: Tottenham Hotspur
Preferred Formation: 3-4-1-2/ 3-5-1-1 / 3-3-1-3

3/01/2018 2:17 PM  #2

Re: Post Match Reporting 2nd Round

Think I gave juventus a bit of a shock took them to extra time with the rugby tactics, mignolet the utter mess gives away a penalty and down goes the ship, someone book him a taxi out of anfield ah well back to the league.


3/01/2018 2:24 PM  #3

Re: Post Match Reporting 2nd Round

Wow we rode our luck and won on penalties over AS Roma.
Tight match as expected but we kept our nerve in the penalty shootout and a place in the Quarter Finals.

Antonio Conte
Head Coach: Chelsea FC

3/01/2018 3:42 PM  #4

Re: Post Match Reporting 2nd Round

Good Cup matches guys....

Head Coach
Club:  Red Bull Leipzig

3/01/2018 4:14 PM  #5

Re: Post Match Reporting 2nd Round

Good 4-0 win over Feyenoord for my Bayern, both teams played 4-3-3 Attacking but our superiority shined through, Goals from Muller, 2 from Robben and an own goal.
Played the kids Gotze, Benko and Friedal with Kimmich coming on and all played well.
Quarter Finals here we come.

Job: E.F.A Admin
Head Coach: Bayern Munich
Record: 6-2-2

3/01/2018 5:45 PM  #6

Re: Post Match Reporting 2nd Round

psg 5-3 spurs

absolutely bossed the game, conceded 3 which is a worry but onwards, 



3/13/2018 3:56 PM  #7

Re: Post Match Reporting 2nd Round

Anyone know when Quarter Final draw will take place?

Marco Silva
Club: Real Madrid
"The Galaticos"

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