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4/13/2018 7:48 PM  #1

Queries / Questions

Help can be give here for any queries within the game, the Admin team will be able to help.

Manager: Mourinho    
Club:  PORTSMOUTH (dec 2018 - present)     


5/15/2018 11:46 AM  #2

Re: Queries / Questions

Reserve teams, would it be possible to include two over aged fringe players in your reserve squad?? 


5/15/2018 2:59 PM  #3

Re: Queries / Questions

straight from the rules david:

Reserve League (Replaces Youth Academy)  
All managed clubs will have a Reserve team that will play in the Reserve League this will allow managers to harness the young natural talent before moving them into the first team, this is where your club can develop and find the stars of the future.  You can also play up to 3 players over the age of 21 in your Reserve team.
Clubs can also employ Reserve Team Staff.

hope this helps


5/16/2018 10:34 AM  #4

Re: Queries / Questions

Did have a quick look through the rules, obviously to quick. Thanks for letting me know


5/31/2018 11:13 AM  #5

Re: Queries / Questions

Been looking at the rules mother once said if I used my brain I could be dangerous

​I see that T can be a chosen tactic? I assume without any penalties like in other ESMS games
​I assume that's why we have Assistant Managers if we fail to sheet......did wonder why we had them
Once someone validates that T can be used, expect Spurs to use it on occasion


5/31/2018 12:52 PM  #6

Re: Queries / Questions

T here can be chosen. As tika taka football. The Brazilian and old Barca way, pass pass pass pass pass pass pass and you get the idea.

However if you don’t sheet it should fall back on your assistant, if selected 1, so in effect you should always have a tactic selected,

Am I right guys?

Man City 


9/18/2018 9:59 AM  #7

Re: Queries / Questions

Was advised that only 10 rated and under players can be sold via ATM

​That's not what the rules say, in fact it advises how much we can expect to get for 13 rated sold that way

​Can someone clear this up as Leeds has an over load of eleven rated players that no one would buy if put up for transfer

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9/18/2018 10:35 AM  #8

Re: Queries / Questions

As far as I’m remembering from convo with Mourinho, wait for pre season to be announced and I believe Your able to sell to atm.

Mourinho to confirm please

Man City 


9/18/2018 11:55 AM  #9

Re: Queries / Questions

David, the market prices are a guide for buying and selling players not the ATM.
The market prices has been moved in the correct place on rules.

ATM as last season and season before is always 4 players maximum, pre season is only time it is unlimited as yet pre season has not been announced.
As per last season 10 rated players can be sold on ATM, lots of clubs have 11 rated players in Premier League, Liga, Liga B and Championsip.

Manager: Mourinho    
Club:  PORTSMOUTH (dec 2018 - present)     

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9/27/2018 1:21 AM  #10

Re: Queries / Questions

Could you point me in the direction of the game rules please?

Gary Goodson
Role: Manager
Club:  Newcastle United (Nov 2018 - present)
Previous Club(s): Atletico Madrid (Sept 2018 - Nov 2018)

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