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6/05/2018 8:51 AM  #1

Pre Matchday 5 Reserve League

Wednesday 6th June 2018

Reserve League Matchday 5
Man_Utd_Reserves - Portsmouth_Reserves
Cardiff_City_Reserves - Tottenham_Reserves
Atletico_Madrid_Reserves - Real_Madrid_Reserves
Dortmund_Reserves - Chelsea_Reserves
Inter_Milan_Reserves - Manchester_City_Reserves
Celtic_Reserves - Liverpool_Reserves
Juventus_Reserves - Marseille_Reserves

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6/05/2018 8:52 AM  #2

Re: Pre Matchday 5 Reserve League

Man Utd Res - POMPEY Res

Looking to continue our good start to Reserve League and will need some tactical surprises to beat United.

Manager: Mourinho    
Club:  PORTSMOUTH (dec 2018 - present)     

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6/05/2018 2:45 PM  #3

Re: Pre Matchday 5 Reserve League

Dortmund Reserves - Chelsea Reserves

Another tough Reserves match for us, will likely remain unchanged in lineup, may have to play on the counter attack.

Marco Silva (Luke)
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6/06/2018 10:45 AM  #4

Re: Pre Matchday 5 Reserve League

Cardiff Reserves vs Spurs Reserves

​Continuing with my plan of giving everyone a game. don't expect to win but it's all about the abs


6/06/2018 11:02 AM  #5

Re: Pre Matchday 5 Reserve League

Atletico Res - Real Madrid Res

Home Reserve match against our bitter city rivals and really want this one .
Unchanged lineup only have 16 players.

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Record: European 3 Runners Up Valencia CF

6/06/2018 12:43 PM  #6

Re: Pre Matchday 5 Reserve League

Juventus Res - Marseille Res

Lineup problems, we have lost keeper Maksimenkko out for 1 game injured, defender Nlate out for 4 games injured. So will have call on 1st team for replacements.

Manager: ithompson
Clubs: Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, Olympique Marseille

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