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6/09/2018 9:38 PM  #11

Re: Post Matchday EFA Cup 2nd Round

maltas wrote:

Site not updated with the results.

hey buddy, if you click match link above you can read report of your match, I beleive website updated now.

Manager: Van_Nistelrooy
Previous:  Everton, Shrewsbury Town, Valencia CF

6/12/2018 11:51 AM  #12

Re: Post Matchday EFA Cup 2nd Round

Drum wrote:

Barca - Atleti

not gonna sugar coat it, fook me that was tense, 

great game, drama, goals, suspense, a winner but hate penalties, 

unlucky Ronaldo, 


Disappointed we lost the match on penalty shootout, we pushed drum and his team all the way.
Griezmann scores twice abut we fell short.

Club: Villareal CF
Record: European 3 Runners Up Valencia CF

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