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6/13/2018 8:15 PM  #2

Re: Post Matchday 2 Divisional Cup

                                                                     Liverpool 6 - 0 AS Monaco
Absolutely destroyed Monaco and the score could have been in double figures very easily, bit annoyed at the finishing of my team, but Trapp in goal did seem to have a great game. Another hattrick for Salah but he did have 19 of the 58 attempts at the Monaco goal. But I suppose im just nit picking i have to be very happy with the result.


6/13/2018 8:29 PM  #3

Re: Post Matchday 2 Divisional Cup

PSG 3 - 1 Borussia Dortmund

Rotten luck we created so many chances and wasted them, Aguero poor on his debut 6 shots no goals.
Castro and Sahin played well in midfield but we did not do ourselves justice, very disappointed with my team.

Marco Silva (Luke)
Honors: 1 League Title, 1 EFA Cup

6/13/2018 9:44 PM  #4

Re: Post Matchday 2 Divisional Cup

Man City 0 - 3 Inter Milan

We finally put on a good performance and got a good win, as I announce my intention to stay at Inter.
Miranda man of the match, Gabriel and Gabbadini worked well together in attack and Berni had a good match in goal. We need to build on this result.

Head Coach
Club:  Parma Calcio & Burnley FC   Previous Clubs: Atalanta, Inter Milan, Red Bull Leipzig

6/14/2018 8:56 AM  #5

Re: Post Matchday 2 Divisional Cup

AS Roma 4 - 1 Spartal Moscow

great result for me and Roma against high flying Spartak, and into the last four with a chance of lifting the cup especially with favourites Tottenham gone,
falcao in good form with 2 goals, we controlled the match and my defense played strongly.

Manager: Simeone (Joe Gamble)
Club:  Sheffield United   Previous Clubs:  Nottingham Forest, Leeds United, AS Roma, Cardiff City, FC Barcelona

6/14/2018 2:23 PM  #6

Re: Post Matchday 2 Divisional Cup

Schalke 04 4 - 2 Marseille

Well we blew that game, went with Tiki Taka and it not work for us and so were dumped out also my head thinking to next season and managing an English club.
Morata scored twice on his debut, midfield played well now back to league.

Manager: ithompson
Clubs: Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, Olympique Marseille

6/14/2018 10:33 PM  #7

Re: Post Matchday 2 Divisional Cup

Chelsea 3 - 2 Real Madrid

Good win in and entertaining match, and keeps us on course to lift the cup.
Harry Kane scored twice and David Luiz added the 3rd, good team performance especially from Luiz, Alli and Suarez.

Antonio Conte
Head Coach:  SS Lazio (3 League Titles 4 Cups)
Previous Clubs:  Olympique Marseille, Nottingham Forest, Chelsea FC

6/15/2018 10:35 AM  #8

Re: Post Matchday 2 Divisional Cup

Tottenham 2- 3 Feyenoord

Got what I deserved, took my eye off the ball, now out of both cups only the league to concentrate on 


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