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9/12/2018 9:56 PM  #1

Post Matchday European Challenge Cup Final

Wednesday 12th September

European Challenge Cup Final
Inter_Milan - Olympique_Marseille

Manager: Mourinho    
Club:  LEICESTER CITY (nov 2018 - present)     


9/13/2018 8:57 AM  #2

Re: Post Matchday European Challenge Cup Final

League and Cup Double for Marseille, sorry Stevie great Final very even in all areas but we took our goals well.  Iniesta, Ocampos, Neymar, Vente, Mezine and Batshuayi on target.
Great Abs gained and great way to bow out of Marseille..

Antonio Conte
Head Coach:  SS Lazio (3 League Titles 4 Cups)
Previous Clubs:  Olympique Marseille, Nottingham Forest, Chelsea FC

9/13/2018 2:04 PM  #3

Re: Post Matchday European Challenge Cup Final

Well done chelseablues.
The game was even and if we had taken our chances result could have been different, have to be happy with runners up, after missing out on Champions League.

Head Coach
Club:  Parma Calcio & Burnley FC   Previous Clubs: Atalanta, Inter Milan, Red Bull Leipzig

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