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9/30/2018 9:17 PM  #1

Post Matchday Final Friendlies

Manager: Mourinho    
Club:  LEICESTER CITY (nov 2018 - present)     


10/01/2018 4:55 PM  #2

Re: Post Matchday Final Friendlies

Wolves 4 - 7 Liverpool

What a game 4-4 at halftime and thought yes we can get a result, but Liverpool turned on the style.
We matched Liverpool all the way on stats they shaded posession so I am very happy with my team, goals from Jimenez (2) and Bonatini & Neves.
Casemiro was awesome in midfield.
Good game mate

Marco Silva (Luke)
Honors: 1 League Title, 1 EFA Cup

10/01/2018 6:18 PM  #3

Re: Post Matchday Final Friendlies

Very happy with the win against Spurs. It was a tough game with 2 red cards for Manu and only around 40% possession, but Griezmann has his day and scored 3 times for us. We are going to get into the season with some confidence, that's for sure. 


10/01/2018 9:21 PM  #4

Re: Post Matchday Final Friendlies

Deportivo 2 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

Good draw for us, looking at the stats Deportivo and Mourinho should have won the match.
Foresteri and Hooper on target, 5 Bookings was a bit excessive.
Were ready for season.

Manager: ithompson
Clubs: Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, Olympique Marseille

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