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10/04/2018 7:04 PM  #11

Re: Post Matchday 1 All Leagues

Liverpool - Manchester United 2-1

Liverpool was stronger, so a deserved defeat for United. Nothing else to say, let's go to the second game. 


10/04/2018 10:17 PM  #12

Re: Post Matchday 1 All Leagues

villa 1-5 Chelsea, 

1 down but a professional approach to pull it back and go in front,,, 

Chelsea manager 


10/05/2018 11:19 AM  #13

Re: Post Matchday 1 All Leagues

Simeone wrote:

Everton 3 - 3 Sheffield United

Happy with a point first match in top flight, looking at stats we battled hard for the point Everton had control of the match.  Germain with 2 goals and 1 for Billy Sharp.
Defense picked up good abs.

Would like the win but we happy with draw, we should have won with possession and passing.
Rooney scores 2 on his home return and 1 from Bolasie, Cheikh sent off inexperience.
Good abs gained although not win but happy.

Manager: Van_Nistelrooy
Previous:  Everton, Shrewsbury Town, Valencia CF

10/05/2018 2:24 PM  #14

Re: Post Matchday 1 All Leagues

Mourinho wrote:

Deportivo 3 - 2 Real Betis

Good win for us and 3pts, very tight match and job done. Goals from Lukaku, Ricarlison, and Rojo, Rojo best player on the night.  Good abs gained and were on our way.
Unlucky Inzaghi.

We were unlucky well played boss.
Good abs gained Mane on target we just came up a goal short.

Job: European Football Commission (EFC) Commissioner (Azboy) 1 League Title
Previous Club:  Aston Villa, Real Betis, Tottenham Hotspur, SL Benfica, Juventus

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