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10/07/2018 8:57 PM  #2

Re: Post Matchday League Cup 1st Round

U21 lost to the better arsenal side. Inspiring effort kids.

AFC Wimbledon 0-5 chelsea

Tbf a routine run out. And into the pot.

Chelsea manager 


10/08/2018 2:11 PM  #3

Re: Post Matchday League Cup 1st Round

Ipswich Town 1 - 4 Wolves U21s

Not much possession, lots of action and scoring chances with 2 goals from Sauvage, 1 from Caiado and Seal.  Lots of good abs gained.

Leicester U21s 1 - 2 Wolves

Scraped through but happy to be in next round, Jimenez and Seedorf on target.
Jimenez was best player on the park.

Marco Silva (Luke)
Honors: 1 League Title, 1 EFA Cup

10/08/2018 5:06 PM  #4

Re: Post Matchday League Cup 1st Round

Barnsley 3 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday 

Awful disappointing embaarrssing night for my Owls, knocked out 3-1 by League One Barnsley.
Looking at stats we were never in the game and my players let me down badly on the night. Shocking!!

Middlesboro 3-2 Sheffield Wednesday U21s
We gace it go but ultimately both my teams out of the League Cup, Boro's late show destroyed us and confidence of my players.

Manager: ithompson
Clubs: Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, Olympique Marseille

10/08/2018 8:47 PM  #5

Re: Post Matchday League Cup 1st Round

Newcastle U21s 2 - 3 Sheffield United
Close score but we dominated the possession and passing as expected with Lingaard and Germain the key players.  Goals from Lingaard, Germain and Sharp and happy with way midfield played.

Sheffield United U21s 3 - 2 Bradford City
Good result for my Academy who dominated match against League One side, goals from James, Minkan and Smith got the win.

Manager: Simeone (Joe Gamble)
Club:  Sheffield United   Previous Clubs:  Nottingham Forest, Leeds United, AS Roma, Cardiff City, FC Barcelona

10/09/2018 12:17 PM  #6

Re: Post Matchday League Cup 1st Round

Everton 3 - 2 Fulham
Very close game but we won through, Rooney, Schnederlin and a 92nd minute winner from Bolasie.
Happy with win, but they push us hard Rooney should have done better with his 13 shots
But we in round 2.

Everton U21s 2 - 3 Derby County
We unlucky as we have possession and passing but come up short.
But happy with players and how they play.

Manager: Van_Nistelrooy
Previous:  Everton, Shrewsbury Town, Valencia CF

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