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6/29/2018 4:45 PM  #11

Re: Wc

Van_Nistelrooy wrote:

Disappoint England performance, here everyone cheering Belgium.

Agreed, although second string still think we should have gone for the wind and play Japan.
They were awful last night, Pickford not a good goalie.

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6/30/2018 5:08 PM  #12

Re: Wc

Cracking game this afternoon France v Argentina, Mbappe what talent and sure gone be a star player for years to come blistering pace and control.

Looking forward to Uruguay v Portugal tonight should be a cracker Suarez v Ronaldo.

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7/07/2018 4:21 PM  #13

Re: Wc

Sweden 0 - 2 England

Great win for England and into Semi Finals, played well and good going forward.
maguire awesome at the back, Raheem Sterling? Why play him, bloody hopeless drop him.


Manager: Mourinho    
Club:  LEICESTER CITY (nov 2018 - present)     


7/14/2018 3:48 PM  #14

Re: Wc

Disappointing losing 2-0 to Belgium, I know we have young team and finishing 4th is good.
But think we shuld have beaten Croatia.

Manager: Mourinho    
Club:  LEICESTER CITY (nov 2018 - present)     


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