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8/28/2018 8:57 AM  #1

Pre Matchday 13 Development League

Wednesday 29th August

Development League
Man_Utd_Reserves - Shrewsbury_Town_Reserves
Bayern_Munich_Reserves - Aston_Villa_Reserves
Atletico_Madrid_Reserves - Barcelona_Reserves
Benfica_Reserves - Everton_Reserves
Portsmouth_Reserves - Leeds_United_Reserves
Tottenham_Reserves - Nottm_Forest_Reserves
Real_Madrid_Reserves - Dortmund_Reserves
Chelsea_Reserves - Inter_Milan_Reserves
Liverpool_Reserves - Celtic_Reserves
Marseille_Reserves - Juventus_Reserves

Manager: Mourinho    
Club:  LEICESTER CITY (nov 2018 - present)     


8/28/2018 11:26 AM  #2

Re: Pre Matchday 13 Development League

Manchester United Reserves - Shrewsbury Town Reserves

Will keep same team as we just trying to gainAbs as we have weaker team to other teams.

Manager: Van_Nistelrooy
Previous:  Everton, Shrewsbury Town, Valencia CF

8/28/2018 1:34 PM  #3

Re: Pre Matchday 13 Development League

Tottenham Reserves - Nottm Forest Reserves

Sanchez injured for 4 games, otherwise full strength team and will play attacking as we have fallen behind recently with some bad results.

Job: European Football Commission (EFC) Commissioner (Azboy) 1 League Title
Previous Club:  Aston Villa, Real Betis, Tottenham Hotspur, SL Benfica, Juventus

8/28/2018 2:55 PM  #4

Re: Pre Matchday 13 Development League

Portsmouth Reserves - Leeds United Reserves

One change in defense due to injury, otherwise unchanged, Colido will be main man in attack.
Changing tactics to E and go for it!!

Clubs: Portsmouth

8/28/2018 3:17 PM  #5

Re: Pre Matchday 13 Development League

Chelsea_Reserves - Inter_Milan_Reserves

not expecting much, 

just abs 

good luck

Chelsea manager 


8/28/2018 4:32 PM  #6

Re: Pre Matchday 13 Development League

Real Madrid Reserves vs Borussia Dortmund Reserves
A double headed against Dortmund and their new manager, need at least a draw retain top spot


8/28/2018 7:52 PM  #7

Re: Pre Matchday 13 Development League

Bayern Munich Reserves - Aston Villa Reserves

Home match and my Academy has not played well, so we'll just go out and hope for the some good Abs gains.

Club: Villareal CF
Record: European 3 Runners Up Valencia CF

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