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The Play By Email/Forum Football Management game, you are the boss and make decisions to make your club the best in Europe. Can your build the best club, dominate Europe? Are you the next Mourinho, Guardiola, Ferguson?
Checkout the forum, clubs and contact the EFA to apply to manage a club. Good luck!!

Matchdays are processed every Sunday and Wednesday with teamsheet deadline 10pm UK time.

NEXT MATCH DAY: Wednesday 21st Feburary 2017 10pm Deadline - All Leagues Matchday 4. !!

EFA Cup Round completed, Club Pages updated. .

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2/03/2018 5:54 PM  #1

Man Utd Troubles

After seeing United play poorly on Wednesday night against Spurs, back to winning ways today but team looks disjointed.  You could see Lukaku is not really playing well, Pogba seems to have lost his passion and Lingaard not look happy when he left the pitch.

Match of the Day should be good tonight, the relegation battle is looking very exciting personally think Stoke, West Brom and West Ham will go down.

Head Coach
Club:  Red Bull Leipzig

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CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PBEM has now launched and were in Season 1.