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8/16/2018 1:25 PM  #1

Top Ten Stadiums

Top Stadiums By Stadium Capacity

1. New White Hart Lane (Tottenham)       60,000
2. Juventus Stadium (Juventus)               40,000
3. Old Trafford (Manchester United )        37,500
4. Stamford Bridge (Chelsea)                   35,000
5. Allianz Arena (Bayern Munich)             35,000
6. Orange Veldrome (Marseille)                35,000
7. San Bernabeu (Real Madrid)                35,000
8. Fratton Park (Portsmouth)                    30,000
9. Wanda metropolitano (Atletico)            30,000
10. San Siro (Inter Milan)                         30,000

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9/14/2018 8:58 PM  #2

Re: Top Ten Stadiums

liverpool have had 60000 from week 4


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