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1/24/2018 8:52 PM  #1

PSG metro.

PSG have ended there long awaited search for there new manager, in comes Keith Drummond, the fiery and competitive manager from england,

​reporter, "keith what do you bring",

​drum, "passion, belief, will to win, attitude when things don't work, ultimately its my fault"

​reporter, "are you contenders",

drum, "everybody is",

reporter  "what happens to the team now",

​drum, "well I got to meet the first, see the size of the squad I'm dealing with, in principle I normally work with 6-8 defenders, 6-8 midfielders and 2-3 forwards, dog eat dog world football, they are all playing for the places open" 

​reporter, "Neymar, surely your favourite"

drum " 1 player does not make the side, heart pride passion and the will to play for the team,, thankyou

so there we have it, drum is looking to eek out the best players for the side, and build on it, 



1/26/2018 9:12 PM  #2

Re: PSG metro.

PSG boss keith Drummond has today spoke to our reporter at the Camp des Loges training complex, and it seems the owner has drawn p his own shortlist for goalkeeper he wishes the the French club to persue,
T_Courtois, the Chelsea man who is a predominant figure in the blues goal, would love to be at the top, and win the big titles, however under a big contract which would take many millions to break,
De_Gea, probably the joint best keeper in the world today, has single handedly kept man utd at the top of there game for years, could he be tempted?
Buffon, the legend, and old, can he take 1 more big season,, would relish the chance but is as loyal as they come,
Ter Stegen the number 1 at camp nou, and is the big game stopper, in a contract wrangle. being pushed for the jersey, but is seen as there future, and will want top quality trophies,
Cilliesen, the favourite, the understudy to ter stegen and would relish the chance to shine and prov the barca doubters wrong,
Neuer, the big dog, up there with de gea, is by far the most sought after man, just back from injury and hoping he can rediscover the edge,
Navas, the long serving real madrid man, not really pushed by kiko for the jersey and is very comfortable in goal,

other names mentioned,


current odds,

cillesen, 3/1
navas 8/1
ter stegen 12/1
buffon  12/1
loris 20/1
de gea 25/1
Courtois 30/1
neuer 50/1 

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2/08/2018 4:14 PM  #3

Re: PSG metro.

Psg manager Keith Drummond was heard berating the team after the draw away at ajax, sloppy lazy and no directional play, just 1 dimensional, and man focus was goalkeeper Areola, the goalkeeper has a target on his back with Drummond known to be chasing a new stick guard,
​borrusia Dortmund visit the French team in the next game, and Drummond will be going for all three points, areola is the player at risk in the side and will be stepping up his efforts for a new goaly, but we are unsure where he will go, and how big he'll offer, but it seems that the main efforts are going to be put into Courtois at Chelsea,

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