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NEXT MATCH DAY: Season 4: Leaguea Matchday 11, N Power Championship Matchday 14 - Sunday 16th December!!

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Game Rules

CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PBEM was founded in January 2018 to bring the enjoyment of football management game and try to bring more people back into ESMS football games..
Everything is completely computerised, using the ESMS software program developed by Eli Bendersky and run by our FA Admin team.

This is a football management PBEM (Play By Email) game. As a manager in the game you manage your football club through a full season of league matches as well as several Cup competitions. Players have various ratings to tell you how skillful, aggressive or fit they are within the game.
These ratings alter depending upon how well they play in matches and whether you have any backroom staff employed at the Club, and Training Facilities to help you. As players play matches their skill rating will
increase by gaining Abs relevant to their performance in key areas.
Keep your eye on fitness levels as well, players need a rest occasionally especially if you are also making progress in the Cup competitions! In addition to picking your team each round you will need to negotiate
transfer deals with other managers that are playing in the game. You will be required to develop your Stadium, Coaching Team to develop your club just like running a real football Club.
Each Round you will need to make decisions about your Club which you can post on the game forum, and submit a teamsheet for matches via email to the FA Admin.

Each club has their own club page on the main website, where you can find everything you need to know about club such as any Trophies won, history in the game, landmarks, club facilities, non-playing staff, links to squads, link to finances, club reputation (See below) and more.....

We are always looking to improve our game and make it enjoyable for managers, after speaking with managers for Season 4 going forwards we have the Premier League of 12 clubs with the top four qualifying for the Champions League the next season. The bottom two clubs are relegated to the English Championship of 12 clubs run as a background league by the admin team, the top two in the Championship will be promoted to the Premier League, and the bottom 3 relegated to League One.  We also have a 20 club English League One with the top 3 promoted to the Championship.  The English Leagues are administered by Mourinho.

The Liga is a league of 12 clubs from Spain and Italy, with the top four qualifying for the next season's Champions League and the bottom club will be replaced.  A Liga B is run by the admin team and comprises of German, Dutch, French and Portuguese clubs with the top four qualifying for the next season's Champions League
The Liga and Liga B are administered by Inzaghi (Azboy).

Each club in the Premier League and The Liga has their own club page on our main website: where you can acces your club details, club staff, coaches, facilities and stadium details . Any trophies your club has won can also be found on your club page along with clubs achievements, history of your club and links to your Club Roster, Club Finances and Reserve Squad.

Each club have their own finances which need to managed carefully by managers to ensure a successful developing club.

Sponsorship Payments
At the start of a season club’s can select their sponsor contract on a first come, first served basis and only one sponsor per club. Each sponsor will be for 1 season, with an initial payment and end of season payment if the club reaches the sponsor’s season target.

TV Deal
At the start of a season club’s receive a payment which is formed from TV Deals (as in real life like BT, Sky etc...), the payments are as follows:-

The Liga – Clubs receive £70,000,000
Liga B - Club receive £40,000,000

Premier League - Clubs receive £50,000,000
Championship - Clubs receive £30,000,000

Players Wages will be shown on the club’s financial sheet, remember its good building a high valued squad but think about wages too. Unlike with other ESMS games, player wages are deducted at the end of each week, the wages are set in the league.dat file at 100% for The Liga and Premier League.

Gate Receipts
Each club receives gate money from Home Matches, each club has a fanbase made up as follows 20000 in attendances.dat file + any bonus from club facilities + below factors from the previous season:-

The Liga                             Premier League
1st – 3000                          1st – 2000           
2nd – 2500                         2nd – 1500          
3rd – 2000                         3rd – 1400            
4th – 1500                         4th – 1300             
5th – 1450                         5th – 1200             
6th – 1400                         6th – 1100             
7th – 1350                         7th – 1000            
8th – 1300                         8th – 900               
9th – 1250                         9th – 800               
10th – 1200                      10th – 700         
11th - 1150                        11th - 650
12th - 1100                        12th - 600     

F.A Cup Winners +1500
League Cup Winners +1000
European Challenge Cup Winners + 1500
FA Shield & European Shield + 1000
Champions League Winners + 2000
World Club Champions + 1500

Away fanbase we use 50% of fanbase

Ticket Prices
Ticket Prices are set as follows:-
The Liga -  £50.00
Premier League -  £40.00

Prize Money
At the end of each season, club’s receive prize money on finishing position:-
The Liga                                 Premier League
1st – £25,000,000                  1st – £20,000,000
2nd – £24,000,000                 2nd – £19,000,000
3rd – £23,000,000                 3rd – £18,000,000
4th – £22,000,000                 4th – £17,000,000
5th – £21,000,000                 5th – £16,000,000
6th – £20,500,000                 6th – £15,000,000
7th – £19,000,000                 7th – £14,000,000
8th – £18,500,000                 8th – £13,000,000
9th – £18,000,000                 9th – £12,000,000
10th – £17,500,000              10th – £11,000,000
11th -  £17,000,000              11th - £10,500,000
12th - £16,500,000               12th - £10,000,000

F.A Cup, League Cup & European Challenge Cup                                  
Winners - £10,000,000              
Runners-Up - £7,000,000          
Semi Finals - £4,000,000          
Quarter Finals - £3,000,000      
Round 2   - £2,000,000
Round 1  - £1,000,000

World Club Championship & Champions League
Winners - £15,000,000
Runners Up - £10,000,000
Semi Finalists - £5,000,000
Quarter Finalists - £2,500,000

Press Releases
Managers can earn money for their clubs by posting articles on the Club Journal thread on the game forum. The press release can be anything related to your club, the release must be original and no foul language will be accepted.

Managers can post as many articles as they wish but only 4 per week count for cash bonuses of £500,000 per article with minimum of 100 words.

Posting a club’s Pre Match and Post Match comments will also earn a club £250,000 per post.
No bullying, swearing or attacking managers will be tolerated!!

Debt & Administration
Clubs are not allowed to go into debt, if your club goes into debt you will have 7 days to bring your finances back into the black. Failure to do so will put your club in a temporary Administration with the E.F.A, whereby your most valuable player will be sold to bring your club back into the black.

Please pay attention to your club’s finances.


We feel its good to reward any manager who introduces a new manager to the game and will be rewarded, we also think its important to reward managers who stay at their club the whole season and through further seaons. Rewards are as follows for their club:-

Introducing a new manager - bonus 500 abs to one player, bonus 250 abs to a second player

When managers join a club they are offered a contract with following bonuses:-
1 Season contract - + £2 million
2 Season contract - + £5 million
3 Season contract - + £10 million
If you stay at your club a full season you will be rewarded with 750 abs to 1 player, 500abs to 1 player and 250abs to 1 player.
Breaking your contract will reduce your manager rating and will effect chances of joining the big clubs.

Stadiums and Improving facilities can help develop your club with additional buildings such as Hotel, Club Shop, TV Station, Park & Ride etc... these help with increased gates and home bonus. Developing your club can make it into a world class club.
The information for your club ground can be found on your club page on the forum.

All Stadiums start the game at 20,000 Capacity and will be up to managers to make improvements and improve
seating and thereby income for their club. You can only complete 1 upgrade at a time.

Stands, Prices and Construction times are on the Stadium Requests thread.
Clubs start with Level 1 Tier and basic car park 5,000 cars build that first then you can build to the next level as with our previous games.
So first Stadium build would be either Level 1 Tier Seat/Terrace or just All Seater depending on what the club can afford to spend, once completed then you can build the next level.
Each tier stand also comes with executive boxes which bring extra revenue to your club.
Their is also the option to build a new stadium but can be costly and takes many weeks to build see the Stadium Build thread, these stadiums cannot be expanded anymore. So careful planning is needed by managers., as New Stadiums cannot be expanded any further.

The bigger your stadium the more home advantage your club will recieve in mathes through the league.dat file.
ie: 20,000 - 30,000 = 100 Home Advantage
ie: 30,000 - 40,000 = 200 Home Advantage
ie: 40,000 - 50,000 = 300 Home Advantage
ie: 50,000 - 60,000 = 400 Home Advantage
ie: 60,000+ = 500 Home Advantage

When placing requests please enter in the Stadium Request thread.
We have now covered Stadium developments and how to transform your ground from a basic club into a World Class Stadium.


Clubs can now develop facilities around their stadium, some of these can help with extra cashflow or benefit training players at the training ground or increased chance of your match being televised which brings in more cashflow for the club.  Clubs can build a maximum of 20 buildings, new built stadiums allow for 25 buildings.
Club Facilities are updated every Wednesday night after League Round-up.

Managers in the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PBEM have ratings which can effect their chances of taking over one of the bigger clubs, ratings are based on performance and activity within the game.

To assess both performance and activity, a manager will earn points. If the Manager achieves a positive total (ie: 1, 2 etc...) or 0 he will be offered an automatic renewal.

If he should be negative, he will be sacked.
A manager can change clubs at any time he desires, particularly if he faces the sack (Its a good escape clause...).

+2  - Win 2 Trophies or more (no matter whether they are leagues or cups)
+1  - Win 1 Trophy (no matter whether they are league or cup) 

(Each club will have objectives you will find these in the Managers Objectives Thread)

+3 Winning the League 
+2 Winning A Cup (E.F.A Cup/World Club Championship/E.F.A Charity Shield)
+1 Avoiding Relegation

-1 If objective is Winning the League and club finishes in 2nd, 3rd, 4th
-3 If objective is Winning the League and club finishes in 5th, 6th
-5 If objective is Winning the League and finishing lower than 6th

-2 If objective is Avoid Relegation and club is relegated

+1 Posting in forum over 50 posts in a season
+2 Posting in forum over 100 posts in a season
-1 Posting in forum less than 25 posts in a season

DIRECT firings
* Violating the rules of behavior or conduct SPAM
* Do not send 5 teamsheets without communicating absence
* Do not send 3 consecutive teamsheets without communicating absence
* Being absent more than 21 days. 


A big part of any football game is the transfer market and being able to strengthen your club with players.  In CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PBEM we do not use normal transfer windows, managers can conduct transfers twice a week normally processed on Sundays and Wednesdays after the games round up.  
You post on the forum your transfer confirmations in the Agreed Transfers thread.

How to complete a Transfer
All transfers are posted on the Forum, there are threads for ATM, Transfer Confirmation, Player Requests and Transfer Listed Players.  When completing deals both managers need to agree the deal.

The deal format goes as follows example:-
Title: ast<<<>>> mil
Aston Villa
- G_Agbonlahor
+ £5,000,000

AC Milan
- £5,000,000
+ G_Agbonlahor
Both clubs must agree the deal!!!!!

This means Agbonlahor will join AC Milan for £5,000,000
Note: ast and mil are the team abbreviation codes these are on the Teams Page.

Market Price Guide
Rated 13 - £35 million
Rated 12 - £30 million

Rated 11 - £25 million
Rated 10 - £10 million - £15 million depending on scondaries

CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PBEM Transfer rules – Important
All clubs have the same transfer rules. The rules and restrictions are: 
Clubs can sign 8 players per week. Clubs can sell 8 players per week. 
Clubs can sign players from Unmanaged clubs, including the Liga B, English Championship and English League One these will only be accepted if they are beneficial to the unmanaged club. 
The following restrictions apply this prevents managers raiding unmanaged clubs or dumping unwanted players on these clubs:-
Maximum of signing 2 players from the same unmanaged club.
Maximum signing of 6 players from Championship, 6 players from Liga B and 6 players from League One.

New managers are allowed to make deals but every transfer will be reviewed by admin before it is processed. 
If we feel any transfer does not benefit the new managers club we will cancel the transfer.
After 2 months of playing though the managers deals will no longer be reviewed. Once a deal is confirmed by both managers, it is done. 

There is no going back, so be careful. 

Loans and Loan Rules

Sometimes clubs can be a little low on cash, so an ideal solution is to look to other clubs for a loan deal. On the other end of the spectrum, some clubs may feel they cannot give the essential game time needed for a player and may wish to allow him to play his trade at another club for a short period of time. 
We have decided to apply no limits to loans, these must be written in the Agreed Transfers thread and agreed by both managers.

Free list and Releasing a player 
Some players do not have a club. They are on the free list. You can sign up to 4 of these per week. You can also release your unwanted players to the free list. 

Post these in Agreed Transfers Thread on the forum. Example:-
Title: Fre<<<>>>ast
Subject:  Aston Villa sign D Danilo on Free Transfer
Title: Ast<<<>>>fre 
Subject: Aston Villa release S Petrov

Free agents list.
Players released will be placed on the free agents list unless they are clearly worse than those already there, in which case they will just be retired.
Any player aged 38+ who is freed will retire.

Automated Transfer Market
CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PBEM also has an ATM, where you sell low rated players who other clubs would not be interested in signing, you receive a small fee below market fee and post in the Agreed Transfers Thread on the forum.   You can request ATM prices for players by posting in the ATM thread.
Title: por <<>> ATM
Subject: Portsmouth sell to ATM name of the player and price

CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PBEM.... games are run using the ESMS plus program, currently v3.08 this was was created by Igor Oks and Eli Bendersky, ESMS plus was later developed by Darren McKee. 
Managers will be required to send a team sheet for each round, this should be in the form of a text file attachment, or can be copied and pasted into a PM message to E.F.A Admin with the Title: League Round and Team name.  
The deadline for team sheets is 9.59 pm UK time on Sundays and Wednesdays, games will be played ASAP after the deadline.

Your Assistant Manager (if employed) comes with his preferred formation and tactic which will be used in teamsheets where a manager has not sheeted, you can use the Assistant Manager for a maximum of 3 games in a row, then the Manager must take charge of his teamsheets and a cooling off period before using the Assistant Manager again.  
Any teams currently unmanaged will be given 4-4-2 and N tactics in the leagues, this will change in Season 2 onwards as unmanaged teams will be given random formation and random tactic.

If a sheet is sent with a error I will attempt to fix it, in the case of players injured, suspended or "Not found on roster" I'll promote a sub and replace him with the next best on the roster. Conditional errors will be fixed at my discretion.
If you submit a teamsheet with 4 errors or more you will be given an automatic 3-0 loss and no abs gains.

Injuries and suspensions.
Player Injuries & Suspensions can be reduced if a team has a match depending on facilities..., .
Please monitor carefully your roster for injuries and suspensions.

The Club Captain.
Each club has the chance to choose a captain at the start of the season. The captain will receive 750 abs in their main skill. The Vice Captain will also receive 500 abs in their main skill, the Captain and Vice Captain cannot be sold or changed until end of the season.

Club Rosters
The first job for any new manager is to take a long hard look at your squad to work out who is worth keeping and who isn’t.  Player’s profiles appear on your team listings in the following format:

Name                          Age   Nat   St Tk Ps Sh  Ag KAb Tab PAb SAb
R_Green                        27   Eng  20  2  1    1  25 473 350 350 350
S_Parnaby                     24   Eng    1 11  8    4  25 350 697 208 202
P_Jagielka                     24   Eng    3   9 11   5  31 280 947 207  28
D_Ashton                      23    Eng    1   4  5 12  31 300 334 835 589

Name is self explanatory. 
Most players will appear with their first initial, an underscore and then their surname, but some are either abbreviated(e.g. J_J’lainen) or only appear as a single name (e.g. Benjani.)

Age shows the age of a player. 
Nat stands for Nationality and shows a three letter abbreviation representing the player’s nationality.

St stands for Stopping and represents a player’s ability at playing in goal. Most outfield players will have this at 1, although some may be a little higher. The higher the stat, the better the goalkeeper is.

Tk stands for Tackling, representing a player’s ability to put in a good tackle. Obviously this statistic means the most for defenders, although some midfielders such as a good Defensive Midfielder may have a high tackling stat, which shows that they are able to play in defence or midfielder capably.

Ps means Passing, showing the ability to connect with a pass. This stat is most important for midfielders but some defenders and strikers will also have higher passing stats demonstrating their all-around ablility.

Sh means shooting, which, surprisingly enough, measures a player’s ability to hit the net. Strikers and attacking midfielders tend to be high in this stat.

Ag stands for aggression, which measures a player’s likelihood to see red (or yellow) in a game. 

Aggression is a rarely noticed statistic, but it clearly has an influence on the number of games a player will spend suspended.

Conversely though, a team full of low aggression players may not have the strength of will to win on a regular basis.

Ability Points Explained
The ability points are important in your roster.
The points are judged between 1 – 999 and it’s the main focus for your players development and improving their playing skills.   As matches are played your players will earn ability points(abs) for making shots, scoring goals, making passes, tackles and saves etc… when these ability points reach 1000, your players gain a skill point in either tackling, passing, shooting etc….

Example: Your striker reaches 1000 Sab, his shooting goes up by one point say from 17 to 18 making him more effective and raising his value too.  The ability points then reset to 1 and your player continues to accumulate points depending on how well he plays in matches and your team performances.

Ability Points
Ability Points that are awarded as in the League.dat file, these are awarded when the league round up is completed, your players gain these based on their performances in matches:-

AB_Goal                      10     
AB_Assist                    12      
AB_Victory_Random     20      
AB_Clean_Sheet          15  (GK + 1 random def)   
AB_Ktk                       16      
AB_Kps                       12      
AB_Sht_On                   5        
AB_Sht_Off                   3        
AB_Sav                         5        
AB_OG                       -10    
AB_Defeat_Random     -10 (random x2)  
AB_Concede                -2     
AB_Yellow                    0      
AB_Red                        0  

Dps = Discipline points, through yellow and red cards. 1 yellow card equals 2 DP points with a red card being 10. 

The higher the points the more suspension time the player will receive. Crossing the threshold per 10 DP?s equals a ban. 

For example a player that has 3 yellow cards all season will have 6 DP. If he then gets sent off he will go to 16 DP and will get a 1 game ban. If he then gets sent off again he will go to 26 and get a 2 game ban.

Inj = Injured column. If there is any number above 0 (1 or more) it means the player is Injured, and is Unavailable for the next game selection. 

Sus = Suspended column. If there is any number above 0 (1 or more) it means the player is Suspended, and is Unavailable for the next game selection.

The second half of the player’s stats line reflects their performances on the pitch and their current availability

Gam Sav Con Ktk Kps Sht Gls Ass DP Inj Sus Fit

    4   0     0    4    4    2   0    0    0   0   0  100

Gam= The number of games played in all competitions for any club in the current season.
Sav= The number of saves made whilst in goal.
Con= The number of goals conceded whilst between the sticks.
Ktk= The number of important tackles put in by a player.
Kps= The number of good quality passes made by a player.
Sht= The number of shots the player has taken in all games.
Gls= The number of those shots that ended up as goals
Ass= The number of times the player has set up a team mate to score.
DP= Counts discipline problems: 10 points for a red card, 2 for a yellow.

Inj= The number of games the player is injured for, 0 is default meaning the player is able to play.
Sus= The number of games the player is suspended for, 0 is default meaning the player is able to play.
Fit= The degree of match fitness the player has. 100 is perfectly fit, but anything above 90 and the player will play without much difficulty.

A note on squad size:
In CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PBEM, its a good policy to keep a large squad with league, and especially with two cup competitions, possibly Champions League.  I’d recommend a squad of about 21-24 with cover for all positions at all times a very minimum especially if your in several cup competitions.

I’d comprise a squad of at least:
2 Goalkeepers
(Goalkeepers don’t suffer fitness drain, but it’s always worth having a backup)
7-8 Defenders
7-8 Midfielders
3-4 Strikers

Now its time to pick our team...


Success on the field is inevitably the most important part of any manager’s job, as it is the matches that decide promotion and relegation, hiring and firing, success and failure. A teamsheet a combination of several things: It shows the first eleven and the substitutes, but also the squad’s tactical approach to the game and the changes that they may make should certain events within the game occur.  

To help you there is a program TSM a teamsheet maker which is available this can really help those less experienced in creating their teamsheets, but we dont always recommend using this.
A basic teamsheet looks like below, save it as xxxsht.txt (where xxx is your team’s abbreviation) 
// Start the game playing P - passing


// The opening squad: the formation is 4-3-1-2, note the side balance
// of players

GK T_Edua
DF J_Balboa
DF B_Ekse
DF X_Solatti
DF PJ_Plant
MF I_Gustavson
MF M_Fowler
MF Morinho
AM F_Longfellow
FW M_Ecuarti
FW I_Edo

// The subs

GK W_Pfarcec
DF T_Vittorio
MF D_Rombart
DF M_May
FW F_Iksandr

// Primary penalty taker

PK: I_Edo // Orders

AGG command- this is the team aggression command. It can be between 1 and 20, The default and average is 10, so if the user doesn't use the command they will have 10.

It is used as follows:
AGG 15

The SUB command has been expanded now so you can bring off the worst performer in a certain position. If its not used in conjunction with the INJURED command then you will see the worst performer, or if the worst performers are equal the lower skilled of the two come off.
Usage: SUB  followed by the condition for it to be executed.

SUB MF 14 MF IF MIN = 66

SHOTS- the SHOTS command is used the same way as the SCORE command with the difference between the teams shots being used.
Usage: SHOTS 


INJURED command. This is used so the manager can choose what happens if a player in a particular position gets injured.
If used in a SUB command then it can be used like: SUB  INJURED


The command will only work when a MF is injured...

RED card command. This is used so the manager can choose what happens if a player in a particular position gets sent off.
Usage: RED 

YELLOW card command. This is used so the manager can choose what happens if a player in a particular position gets booked.
Usage: YELLOW 

Complex orders
All of the conditions can be combined, and this is ok as long as each part of the order is correct. The IF command must be used after the instruction no matter how many orders are used.


The hardest part is the SUB combining with the INJURED. The rest follow a very simple logic:
IF  for as many conditions as you wish

Clubs will be fined or even docked points by failing to adhere to teamsheet rules.

*** We have also noted that too many conditionals to occur at sametime may not be applied by the game engine, please be aware of this when setting your conditionals***


Tactics and Player Positions on ESMS is one of the key areas and where a real manager earns his position at his club, explanations for managers are below:-

Maximum & minimum players allowed in each position at the start of the match, no action will be taken against a team whose formation alters during the course of a match due to injuries.
Min_DF = 2 > doesn't include DM
Max_DF = 6 > doesn't include DM
Max_DM = 3
Min_MF = 2 > DM & AM are counted in this total
Max_MF = 6 > DM & AM are counted in this total
Max_AM = 3
Min_FW = 1 > doesn't include AM
Max_FW = 4 > doesn't include AM

So part of the fun of the game is using your favourite formations 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-2-2-2, 5-3-2, 5-2-3 or something special like 2-3-2-3, 3-5-1-1 and so on….

Player Positions
GK - Goalkeeper. This is the player who plays in goal, and only the players St rating is used to determine his quality.

DF - Defender. The players TK skill is his most important, but depending on the tactic chosen his PS and SH skills can be important also.

DM - Defensive Midfielder. This type of player plays behind the midfield but in front of the defence. His TK and PS skills are both very important to him, and his SH skill is less important than it is with a regular midfielder.

MF - Midfielder. The players PS skill is his most important, but depending on the tactic chosen his TK and SH skills can be important also.

AM - Attacking Midfielder. This type of player plays in front of the midfield but behind the forwards. His PS and SH skills are both very important to him, and his TK skill is less important than it is with a regular midfielder.

FW - Forward. The players SH skill is his most important, but depending on the tactic chosen his TK and PS skills can be important also.

Every tactic available for managers is set up with its own set of specific weaknesses and strengths, as shown below and explanation of tactics and suggested formations to compliment tactics:

In Champions of Europe PBEM unlike other ESMS games we do not have a T tactic for unmanaged clubs, unmanaged clubs will either use a standard 4-4-2 N or 3-5-2 P this will make playing against unmanaged clubs not an assured win for a managed club and make managers think carefully.

TACTIC N  = Wingers the team will focus on using the wide players and more attacking, therefore 2 DMs in front of back four will help defense.

TACTIC D = Defensive we have adjusted this tactic to be more defensive than the normal D tactic.

TACTIC A = Attacking

TACTIC C = Counter_Attack

TACTIC E = European passing style game

TACTIC L = Long_Ball

TACTIC P = Passing

TACTIC T = Tiki Taka is a fast paced and possession based football tactic.
(Replaces the old T tactic and has been modified in tactics.dat) this tactic is still be worked out in practice.

Tactic - A - Attacking –
Ideal Formations – 3-3-4, 3-4-3, 3-2-5, 3-3-4, 3-2-5, 2-3-5, 2-4-4
For the manager likes to attack, attack midfield will always try to break forward and join your forwards to create more scoring chances and score goals.
You may be left exposed defensively.

Tactic - C - Counter –
Ideal Formations - 5-3-2, 4-4-2.
Basically a defensive tactic, however once your team is in possession of the ball, they will attempt to play it forward quickly through the midfield.

Tactic – D – Defensive –
Ideal Formations - 6-3-1, 5-4-1, 5-3-2
For the Defensively minded Manager or if you are in fear of being outplayed by the opposition. The whole team will funnel back into defence the moment they lose the ball, and even when in possession they will be reluctant to come forward. You will not score many goals using this tactic, on the other hand you shouldn’t concede many either!

Tactic - L – Long Ball –
Ideal formations - 4-2-4, 5-2-3
The 'Direct Through Ball' to those who like this tactic, the 'Long Punt Upfield' to those who do not. When playing this tactic your team will make very little effort to pass the ball around favouring instead to boot the ball upfield and hope the waiting strikers can get on the end of it. Not for the purists of the game this one, but it can achieve results if you have one or two high rated Attackers.

Tactic - N - Wingers –
Ideal formations - 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 2-5-3, 5-3-2
This is the tactic probably favoured by most Managers and provides for a steady build up when in possession and the midfield falling back in defence when the opposition has the ball. You need a fairly well balanced team to play this successfully, since a weakness in one area of the pitch will lead to problems.

Tactic - P - Passing –
Ideal formations - 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-5-1, 3-2-1-4
This is the tactic probably favoured by those managers who like to control the match through their midfield. Midfielders receive a bonus in their passing, ideally suited to a team with good passers of the ball in all areas.

Tactic - T – Tiki Taka Football –
Ideal formations - 4-3-3, 2-3-2-3, 3-4-3, 3-3-1-3
The style involves roaming movement and positional interchange among midfielders, moving the ball in intricate patterns, and sharp, one- or two-touch passing but keeping possession which can deny the opposition scoring chances.  The team is always in possession, so does not need to switch between defending and attacking.

The above notes are guidelines and experimenting is the way to see what works for your team, or build your team around the style fo play you want to adopt at your club.  Success in ESMS isn’t all about luck in choosing the right tactic though, the quality of your team, changes you make within a match and of course luck all come into it as well. So make sure you have a good balanced team and pick those right tactics and formation for on field success.

Caretaker Managers
Managers can caretaker 1 unmanaged club along with their main club, this helps develop all clubs and keep that particular club competitive for any manager who takes on the club.  Its suggested that you possibly use a different account so all benefits earned go to the club your caretaking and easier for admins to keep check on caretakered clubs.
Transfers with caretaker clubs cannot be conducted with your main club, this is to prevent miuse of caretaking a club.

It is now possible to develop your club into a World Class Football Club, How?
You will now be able to buy and develop club building structures that will benefit the coaching of your club's players, as below:-

Level   Facility                     Cost     Weekly Costs  St_ab    Tk_ab   Ps_ab   Sh_ab
1        5-A-Side                 £80,000       £1,000         1           1         1            1
2        Gymnasium         £2,000,000    £25,000         2           2         2            2
3    Training Centre       £8,000,000     £50,000         3           3         3            3
4 Training & Med Centre  £8,000,000   £50,000         5           5         5            5
5 State of the Art Training £20,000,000 £50,000       10        10       10           10

(the figure under st_abs etc is the used in the coaching program, the higher the better results in training)

=13pxMinor Skill Training.
=13pxMinor skill points can be bought to add to either or both of a players minor skills, =13pxUp to 6 may be bought if a GK is trained, 8 if no GK is trained.  =13pxThe first 4 will cost 500k each, the next 2 will cost 1M each, if a GK is not trained another 2 may be =13pxbought for 1M each. The same player can have both minor skills increased.
=13pxThis would be per season.
=13px2 points can be added to any minor skill but no skill can be increased beyond 15 by training and a minor 
=13pxskill must never equal or pass the main skill by training.

Assistant Manager & Coaching Staff
Clubs can also employ an Assistant Manager who comes with a bonus to training Abs and Coaches for each position ie: Defense Coach, Midfield Coach, Attack Coach and Goalkeeping Coach, each coach will add 5pts to either St_ab, TK_ab etc.... depending on their area of expertise. ie: Defense Coach adds +5 abs
Clubs can employ 1 coach per level of Training Ground.
Coaches can be found on the coaches thread on the forum.

Under 21's (Replaces Youth Academy)  
All league clubs will have an Under 21's  team that will play in the Under 21's League, more updates to come as this currently being reformed by Admin Bruffio ready for Season 4.

At the end of the league season, club pages are updated with honors, prize money awarded to clubs for league position and performance in the cup competitions. Clubs promoted and relegated are updated with the league tables ready for the new season, clubs moved from leagues.
Managers if successful (see Manager Contract) can renew contracts at their clubs, walk away to a new club or be sacked, rosters are aged and cleared of season data ready for the new season.
Players are re-rated for age and growth over the season, End of Season Awards are announced and bonuses.

Ageing & re-rating.
At the end of each season, when the league is being cleared rosters are cleared of stats from the previous season and players are aged by 1 year.  
The younger the player the more Abs they will receive indicating there development and progress, likewise the older the player they may lose Abs due to loss of technical ability.

The re-rating Abs are as follows:-
Ages              Abs Bonuses
1-19       =     800 200 200
20-21      =     400 80 80
22-26      =     200 40 40
27-29      =     100 20 20
30          =      -10 -5 -2
31          =     -15 -10 -5
32          =     -30 -30 -10
33          =     -100 -45 -20
34          =      -175 -50 -30
35+        =      -300 -100 -75

End of Season Awards
At the end of the season, there will be an awards ceremony. 

The first three awards are voted for by the managers, and carry a reward of
 +1000 Abs to split among their club no more than 250 Abs on one player.
The first three awards are:

European Superleague League Manager of the Season
Premier League Manager of the Season
Overall Manager of the Season

The next awards all carry the following rewards:
First - 300 ability points on each of the abilities.
Second - 200 ability points on each of the abilities.
Third - 100 ability points on each of the abilities.

These four are voted for by the managers:
European Superleague Player of Season
Premier League Player of Season
Developmental League Player of Season (under and including 21)

The rest carry the rewards, but are decided on by stats
(players must have played at least 10 games):
Golden Gloves - Highest average number of saves per game
Golden Tackle - Highest average number of key tackles per game
Golden Sock - Highest average number of key passes per game
Golden Foot - Top Assister
Golden Boot - Top Goalscorer
Golden Heart - Top Performer

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1/23/2018 1:38 PM  #2

Re: Game Rules

Rules updated, and will be some adjustments.
MANAGERS please check out rules before season starts.

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Re: Game Rules

Rules updates as 3/2.

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Re: Game Rules

Rules updates as 10/2

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Re: Game Rules

Rules Updated as 3rd May 2018.

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Re: Game Rules

Rules Updated 22/05 - Club Reputation now added.

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Re: Game Rules

Rules updated 28th May 2018

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Re: Game Rules

Rules updated 22nd June.

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8/17/2018 1:00 PM  #9

Re: Game Rules

Rules have been updated with new suggestions and in preparation for Season 4.
As of 17th August 2018

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Re: Game Rules

Rules updated as of 3rd September.

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