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11/30/2018 10:41 PM  #1

Juventus Gazzetta

=19.5pxNew manager Macca has praised outgoing manager Marco Silva for leaving a behind a very good squad who could go on to challenge for the league and take up the reins of Fiorentina who will need a massive rebuild but the management at Fiorentina believe he is the man for the job. 
Macca has started his time at Juventus by promoting three players from the U21's who he believes are ready for the first team squad and they are striker Santi and two midfielders Luchenda and Clay. With no game until next week there is plenty of time for the youngsters to acclimatise themselves to the rigours of the 1st team.


12/06/2018 8:12 PM  #2

Re: Juventus Gazzetta

Disappointing start as manager with a loss to Werder Bremen on penalties after being 2 nil up at half time. But league games next so hopefully can put things right.

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