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12/29/2018 12:52 PM  #1

Kevin Toms Football manager

Just started playing Keving Toms Football Manager on my phone, remember playing on the ZX Spectrum.
Very basic game but somehow addictive.

Also got a subbuteo set for xmas, loved playing this game and good memories playing the game.

Head Coach
Club:  Parma Calcio & Burnley FC   Previous Clubs: Atalanta, Inter Milan, Red Bull Leipzig

1/03/2019 3:07 PM  #2

Re: Kevin Toms Football manager

I dug out all my old subbuteo stuff out of my mams loft just recently and forgot that I almost had everything you could buy

Now just need to find the space to set it all up again, love that game

Gary Goodson
Role: Manager
Club:  Newcastle United (Nov 2018 - present)
Previous Club(s): Atletico Madrid (Sept 2018 - Nov 2018)

1/03/2019 3:08 PM  #3

Re: Kevin Toms Football manager

Awesome Gary, after reading Mourinho's post about subbuteo just picked myself up a set of ebay might have to get back into it.

Marco Silva (Luke)
Club: A.C.F FIORENTINA  Caretaker: Q.P.R
Honors: 1 League Title, 1 EFA Cup

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